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Various residential properties in Sydney, including heritage listed terrace houses.

Glebe Balcony Restoration including wrought iron palisade fence


Cast iron balconies in Sydney can date back to the 1880’s. Over time, the balconies and floorboards deteriorate and require replacing. In addition, the cast iron panels suffer damage from the elements, and the wrought iron dowels holding the panels in place can rust away.


Scobie McIntosh undertake a full restoration of the cast iron balcony. The team begin by removing the cast iron balcony panels to enable access to the main truss beams. They then strip the (often many layers of) paint from the panels to assess any repairs needed.

From there, the team will repin, repair any cracks or damage, and reinstall the cast iron balcony panels. The team make it a priority to reuse the existing cast iron panels, keeping the history of your property. If the panel is damaged beyond repair, the team will cast new panels based on the original designs.

Scobie McIntosh ensures that Australian building standards are met, installing additional rails to bring the balcony railing to one-metre height for non-heritage listed buildings. Heritage balconies are restored to original specifications.

Sydney cast iron balcony and frieze work restoration by ScobieSydney heritage balcony restoration and repair