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Sydney Trains – NSW Government agency that operates and manages Sydney’s famous Central Station.

Wrought iron brackets at Sydney Central Station


Over the years, the signage in the colonnade at Central Station had suffered severe damage. Some wrought iron signage brackets had been damaged or gone missing, requiring replacement.

Sydney Trains approached Scobie McIntosh to forge replica wrought iron signage brackets and bring the 100 year old North colonnade up to heritage status. Scobie McIntosh’s Sydney wrought iron fabrication team would need to use traditional handcrafting techniques to achieve the original heritage wrought iron look.


Based on the original design, the Sydney wrought iron team fabricated nine sets of heritage wrought iron brackets to original dimensions. The team used 22mm solid square bar twisted to replicate the original design. To ensure weather resistance, after forging the wrought iron brackets were galvanised then painted.

Wrought iron brackets - original and newWrought iron brackets - unpaintedWrought iron signage brackets