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Presbyterian Ladies’ College Sydney – one of Australia’s oldest and most respected schools.


In 2015, PLC commenced work on The Gateway Project – demolishing and rebuilding a wing of the school.

An important part of this project was utilising the iconic ‘green gates’ through which each PLC student passes throughout their time at the school. The heritage gates bear the makers sign from when they were first manufactured in 1891 by A. Amos in Alexandria, Sydney.

PLC contacted Scobie McIntosh to help restore and adapt the original green wrought iron gates to their new standing place at the entrance of the school.


The design team at Scobie McIntosh first assessed the possibility of reusing the original iron gates, however the height and width of the new entrance made this impossible.

As the new entrance did not fit the gates, Scobie McIntosh provided a solution to forge custom wrought iron gates in the same design, elongated to fit the space.

Wrought iron gate design

The design was developed so that one of the original pedestrian gates was able to be kept – this now sits on the right side as you enter the school.

To craft the gates and maintain the heritage look and design the Scobie McIntosh team forged the double gates from solid iron, assembled using hot rivets. The techniques used have been practiced for hundreds of years, with the quality of work evident in the finished wrought iron gates which will now stand for many years to come.

Installed wrought iron gatesFinished wrought iron gatesWrought iron gate assembly